Wednesday, January 14, 2015

8 sleeps!

In a week's time I'll be having my 7-year lung check-up (hopefully it doesn't get moved around again!). Need to go for bloods this weekend... definitely on Sat morning and NOT on Sunday morning after my party LOL! Otherwise Dr might think I need a new liver and kidney too :-) Yesterday I had semi-annual gynae check-up. So waiting on the results of that. Bit nerve-wrecking. Also... everyone at work is sick so trying to dodge that bullet. Meh

Apart from these medical stuff my life has been boring. Had a fun time with friends on Friday eve, playing 30 Seconds and watching Muriel's Wedding until the early hours of the morning. Tonight we'll also be having supper with friends so that's gonna be great.

Also realise I haven't posted a kitty pic in WAY too long, so here is the fat cute ginger Pumpky. We bought a throw for our couch (because he ruined the leather!) and now he thinks we did this just for him. How can you be mad at that face though!!!!

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