Friday, January 23, 2015

More celebrations and 7 year check-up

Today was check-up time again. Skipped December so any changes were over 2 months and not one as per usual. Lung func was down 3%, sitting at FEV1 45% now. Weight down 2kg. Drop in lung function kind of expected, but weight-loss not so much. I know I haven't been eating enough so it's not really surprising. HAVE to make a point of eating more. The bloods were all good again, thank goodness. All in all a bleh check-up. Need a holiday!!!!

Last night was Celebrations #2 for the 7 year lungaversary..... supper out with the parentals and sis & hubby. Was really nice. Ate a LOT (good start to solving the weight problem)... yummy fillet with prawns and the most DEVINE chips. Pancakes with lemon juice and cinnamon sugar for dessert.

Tomorrow eve is the last of the lungaversary celebrations. Having some special people over for supper and very special wine. Hopefully will go well. Rest of tomorrow also filled with activity, hoping to chill on Sunday (and go to the gym). Need sleep!!!!

Check out the pics below of my beautiful family. And flowers from Chris. Have a good weekend people.


Sasha Martin said...

Thinking of you Al. Love you lots. Stay strong hun

Alice said...

Oh my word only saw this comment now, check out today's post! #StayStrong