Tuesday, April 21, 2015

87 monthses!

Tomorrow is my 7 year 3 months lungaversary! Yay!!! Every month is such a gift!!!!

Yesterday I saw the ENT for a follow-up on my sinus issues. Apparently I have a hole in my septum, which is weird, but doesn't affect anything but it's just strange. Also, some of my sinuses are under-developed which is apparently common in CF patients. He could see infection in the areas under and between my eyes. Which is where the pain has been. So he did a nasal swab to see which germs show up and then together with lung Dr they will decide which antibiotic to give me. He said he could surgically drain the mucus but due to the nature of CF and the thick mucus it will just happen again, so it's like a last resort.

Went to gym again today, was crappy again, meh. Doing lung function on Thurs so will see what it says. On Friday Louzanne (if you don't know who Louzanne is by now then I cannot help you...) will be sleeping over and we'll get to spend some quality time together on Sat!

Will post an update on the lung function! Wish me luck!

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