Thursday, April 16, 2015

April is more than half-way done??!!

This month is FLYING past! Easter long-weekend was good, pretty chilled, didn't do much. Last week was busy at work with month-end and people being off sick. This past weekend was also quiet... did a LOT of gardening, we had supper with my parents and sis & Pierre on Sat eve. I think it's been so long since our last holiday (October), that weekends are just spent recovering from the week!

Went to gym on Sunday and yesterday. Sunday it was pretty good, everything felt pretty easy. Yesterday it was tough! Couldn't do as much as Sunday. So weird!!!!! I mean my lung function didn't change, yet I felt more short of breath yesterday. You would have thought that, if anything, Sunday would have felt worse as I haven't been to gym yet this month and it was my first time back. Anyways.... sure there is no explanation for it, maybe I was just more tired yesterday. Doing lung function next week again.

My sis and Pierre are off to Paris tomorrow for holiday!! It's a dream come true for them, so very excited for them! Jealous too and wishing our overseas trip was closer! But planning and waiting in anticipation is half of the excitement, so don't want to miss out on that either! In Aug we won't be able to believe it's all over and I'll prob be wishing it's April again! On Saturday I'll be flying down to Cape Town for a SA Transplant Sports Association meeting. It's going to be a busy day, but looking forward to seeing some familiar faces! Sunday I have to go for bloods for lung check-up in the week, and hopefully just RELAX.

Have a good weekend xxx

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