Sunday, April 19, 2015

Good weekend! (and a mini rant!)

We had a quiet evening on Friday eve, making steak in the dark due to Loadshedding (to any overseas readers: in a nutshell: Loadshedding is the result of BAD PLANNING by our country's power utility and BAD MAINTENANCE over the last 2 decades, no accountability by anyone, resulting in not enough electricity for the country to run. So there are planned power cuts the whole time, causing SHIT traffic, chaos in households everywhere, panic (and one death reported) for people on home oxygen or other critical electricity-needing devices who cannot afford generators... but hey, that's nothing compared to fellow Africans being killed by South Afticans in horrible ways based on the fact that they were born in a different place on the same continent and out political leaders doing pretty much nothing about it. Then of course threats of retaliation from those African countries to South Africans who find themselves in THEIR countries. And least importantly, statues of historical figures or animals are being torn down and vandalised for a variety of "logical" and purely insane reasons. So all in all most South Africans had a BAD morale this week and are feeling pretty helpless and worried. #Xenophobia #VentingOver.)

Yesterday's trip to Cape Town was cool. Rather rushed but was great seeing everyone again and had very productive meeting. Today we went on a major shopping spree... bought some travel stuffs, had passport pics taken for Visa, and most importantly we both got a new iPhone! We're both changing from Samsung phones, but loving it so far. And I chose one with the biggest storage capacity (128GB) so my can take loads of video's and pics in America!

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