Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lower Lung function & Louzanne

Had a pretty good and productive check-up on Wednesday, weight up a kilo (+-56.5kg), bloods were all great. Got Augmentin as my sinuses cultured Staphylococcus Aureus, and also our flu-shot. O2 sats were 92%, and FEV1% was 40%.... it's 4% lower than 6 weeks ago, albeit not on the same lung function machine. Will go again in 6 weeks time and then after 2 months when we get back from America.

So some exciting US news, Anna has booked accommodation for us for 3 nights in Big Sur which will coincide with her birthday! The pics I've seen look AMAZING, it almost looks like Storms River which is our favourite place in the whole of SA. Wednesday is VISA day!!!

The short visit with Louzanne was amazing, I picked her up after work yesterday at the Gautrain station, after which we went to pick up my new glasses (had eyes tested, they're exactly the same as 2 years ago, yay!) and went for some tea and scones. This morning we went shopping at Sandton City (although I'm trying to be VERY good with my spending and trying to save for spending money in the US!) and yummy breakfast with Chris.

It's a long-weekend, which is AWESOME. Could really use that day off on Monday! Followed by a 3-day working week). Don't have much planned for tomorrow, but on Monday we'll be going to the Blackhorse Brewery with friends. Have been wanting to go there for a while.

Have a good long-weekend (if you're in SA). Some pics below of my new glasses and this morning.


Emily said...

Big Sur is my favorite place in the U.S--and I've been to just about every state. Try to go to The Monterey Bay Aquarium on your way back!

Sherry Boyle said...

Alice, I live in the Monterey area and have been following your story for several years. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you while you are here. I'm a retired educator and grandma to 11 yr. old triplets who also live in Monterey. My name is Sherry Boyle and my e-mail is So exciting that you get to come to the U.S. soon!!

Alice said...

Thanks guys, making me look forward to this even more!!! Sherry I will keep your e-mail address!