Monday, November 16, 2015

Crazy Awesome week and today's Dr check up and lung function

The rest of Robyn's visit was great. Had her experience the Miami Vice.... the best cocktail at Rocket in Parkhurst. Half Strawberry Daquiri and half Pina Colada.

On Thursday I went to Fawny after work, we chilled by the pool followed by a girls' night of pizza and a cocktail. Unfortunately it was cut short when I was an idiot and accidently swallowed my sleeping pill along with evening pills and had to cut my eve short!

Weekend included lunch with friends, Epic game of Cards Against Humanity with my work BFF Elzemike that I won (ie I'm the most horrible person at the party), Such an awesome and dodgy game! See especially relevant pic for the Americans below,,,

Today was my lung check-up day... lung function down 1% from 3 weeks ago when I got discharged (44%) to 43% FEV1% (bearing in mind I was on a higher dose steroids still when discharged). Weight up to a nice 56kg, although would still prefer 57kg. All bloods were fine, So all in all a good check-up. Next check-up 21 Jan... the eve of my 8 year lungaversary. Touch wood no more Drs for 2015!!!!


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