Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pretending to be normal

Week was busy (as is every week!). This time of year though it feels like you're on a crazy roller-coaster  of trying to get everything done that you wanted to do during the year and before your holiday (if you're lucky enough to have one to look forward to).

In my case there is a lot I'm trying to get done and a lot happening before we drive down to Cape Town on the 12th for Louzanne's wedding. Work is busy, trying to sort out everything that needs sorting for the trip, Christmas shopping... Got a fair amount done this week, working through a list!

Also trying to reach gold status again this year on Discovery's Vitality because then I will be Diamond status next year after 3 consecutive years of Gold status. (it involves great flight discounts.... my biggest motivation!) We had a wellness day at work on Wednesday where we could get points towards this... I always pretend I'm "normal" at these types of things... no use trying to explain my complicated health to these type of nurses. I totally passed for normal again this year... all results were good! According to them I'm as healthy as a normal 31 year old. If only they knew....

Sometimes it really helps being able to pull off the "normal" thing (basically impossible when I had the old lungs.... the cough gave it away). On Thursday someone asked me what my Medic Alert bracelet was for... I didn't have the time or energy to explain, so I just lied and said "I'm allergic to penicillin". It went down a lot easier than "I have Cystic Fibrosis, had a Bi-Lateral Lung Transplant and Diabetic on Insulin"... and that's just what the paramedics need to know... it doesn't cover the fact that I cannot vomit and dry food gets stuck when I swallow it due to having had the Nissen, the fact that I need digestive enzymes for my body to absorb food, the fact the my cervix is on this ice and will most likely be getting the boot at some point, Osteopenia, sinus issues... just off the top of my head! I know I should rather be an advocate for organ donation but sometimes you just can't do it all. The point of that story was It's nice to be able to pull off "healthy".... just don't ask me to run or anything then I'm screwed!

And on that note, next Sunday is the CF Walk at the Zoo.... in honor of a very special brother and sister who passed away from CF (have blogged about them recently when Craig died). Looking forward to it a lot. Please support if you're in Jozi, not lazy, and feel like supporting a good cause.

Another month-end at work starts this week, so will be a rough one. At least only 2 more working weeks before our one week break in Cape Town. I can do this! Had my hair trimmed today and did some shopping but apart from that just trying to RELAX this weekend!

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Sherry Boyle said...

Alice, I love your attitude!!!