Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lungaversaries of Anna and Alice

It's the 22nd again! And a special one because Anna's lungs turn 5!!!! HAPPY 5 YEAR LUNGAVERSARY ANNA!!!!!! 5 years  is a big one because only 50% of patients reach the 5 year post transplant mark. So glad you've reached it and doing great!

It's my 7 year 10 months lungaversary today, 2 months short of the next big one!!!

Last week was pretty good. Had rain and LOTS OF HAIL for a change!!!!! Nice break from the heat. We had rain a few times after that as well which is awesome. Hopefully it continues. Almost looked like snow!

This weekend we went to visit friends in Secunda. Dean has always been there, but they got married in May and now Cecile has left is for Secunda too :-( We've been missing her a LOT in JHB so was very nice catching up. And nice to get away, even if it wasn't far.

Time is flying way too 3 weeks' time we will be in Cape Town!!! Soooo much to do before then. Hope I can fit everything in!!! Eeeeekkkkkkkk...

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