Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hello November!!!!!

It's November!!!!! Pretty much the busiest month of the year!!! Glad to put October behind me, Hopefully no medical drama this month, only want a good lung check-up in 2 weeks' time, That will also be the last drs visit for 2015. Yay!

I had a really brilliant weekend. On Sat morning we went to the Titanic Expo that I won tickets for on Fawn's blog. It was really really interesting!!!!! Unfortunately you're not allowed to take pics inside, so I had to buy myself the book-thing that goes with the expo. This is the last week of the expo being on Jozi, so hurry your ass there if you want to see it.... and Cape Town I can recommend it! You even end off with a lovely corny Jack and Rose pose. Will add more expo related pics later...

Afterwards we had a nice lunch at a garden shop (although the heat was killer), followed bu ice-cream on Northcliff Hill. Last night a braai and some Cards Against Humanity at Brendan's house.

This morning we slept late and had breakfast with Cecile and Bianca (Cecile recently got married and left is to go live in a horrible place called Secunda... but in 3 weeks' time we will be assessing her new home and decide if she is still allowed to be a friend) Was great catching up and had most a amazing food. P.S. My appetite that has been AWOL for the last few weeks actually is BACK, Eating like a beast and packing it in while it lasts.

Have a good week. It's going to be a BUSY one here but ready for it. Month-end and going back to gym!

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