Friday, October 30, 2015

Happily Home

 It's GREAT to be back home!!!! Wednesday was BUSY, stocking up the house, doing laundry, slept late, just enjoyed being HOME. Thursday and today at work was also good. NOT BEING IN HOSPITAL IS GOOD!!!!

Three of my orchids started blooming, and the three kitties were angry at me initially! They were not impressed by my return at all. However when I woke up during the night on Tuesday night Peppie was lying against me :-) As he is doing again now. So I guess all is forgiven. (When I got home he literally saw, me, turned around and ran outside).

Tomorrow Chris and I are going to the Titanic Expo in Rosebank (won tickets via Fawny's blog, yay!!!!) I was pretty obsessed with it back in 8th grade when the movie came out... saw it 4 times on the big screen! So it;s bound to be super awesome and interesting. Then going to a braai at Brendan's place. He has sold his house so might be the last one there! However now it's bedtime.... intense week! Hope I manage to sleep late again tomorrow morning!

I know I've said this a few times now, but I am REALLY REALLY glad that I'm hospital free, needle free, cleaners-changing-the-bins-at-midnight free, vital-check free, waiting-for-the-dr free... feels like I've been released from prison!!!!


Sherry Boyle said...

Orchids are gorgeous! Cats aren't bad-looking, either. :)
Happy homecoming!!

Alice said...

Thanks Sherry!!