Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day #15 - DISCHARGE DAY!!!!!!

Finally going home this afternoon!!!! This has been my longest hospital stay ever (well exactly as long as I was in hosp for my transplant, so it's a tie!!). Definitely cannot complain, I've just always been very lucky and in other words not used to being admitted. Have had some good food for thought and been reminded to be grateful etc etc, but OVER IT NOW. TIME TO GET MY LIFE BACK!!!

Went for lung function yesterday, and it's back to where it was before I got sick, yay!!! Went back up 8% so FEV1% is a nice 44% again so back to my "stable" figures. FVC (capacity) up to 87% from 77% on admission. O2 sats were 94% yesterday compared to 88% so they are also normal again. Lung function has been stable for over the last year now (there was a dip in May but went up just before our USA trip), so hopefully this bug is killed and I will remain stable.

Lung func 14 Oct:

Lung func 26 Oct:

I will be chilling at home tomorrow, and back at work on Thursday. Cannot wait!!! Thanks so much to everyone for the love and support!!!

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Sherry Boyle said...

So glad you are HOME and well again!!!