Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pseudomonas aeruginosa *vomit*

So the nemesis of the old lungs has made an unwelcome visit. This morning the sputum results were out... A seemingly sensitive version of this long time enemy seems to have invaded the lungies. Below is what the bug apparently looks like.

say it's sensitive is because with the old lungs only one of the boxes on the right had an "S" in it, the rest were RESISTANT, whereas this time it SEEMS tame, being sensitive to almost all antibiotics . The reason I say "seems" is that my old CF doc always said it's a "promiscuous" bug that just loves to colonize and become resistant to antibiotics. So we need to eradicate this sucker asap. I haven't seen my transplant doc yet but will def have to complete the 2 week course of IV Maxipime that I'm on. So def another week and a bit in hosp if all goes well. The only time I've ever been in hosp for 2 weeks (apart from when I was 6) was for transplant.... I always had home IVs. So this is def a new challenge:-(

At least Im feeling better everyday, and it helps that these new lungs don't just produce mucus THE WHOLE TIME, so it feels like an easier battle to fight. Can also feel some pieces of mucus still stuck and so strange to put so much energy into coughing but with so little results!

Trying to do some squats too and went for a walk this afternoon, as I can't just waste away in bed. Also trying to use the opportunity to gain a kilo or 2. Seems like some extra weight will not be a waste with all these recent medical dramas. Bloody hell! Thank goodness they are all happening AFTER our California trip!!!!

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Sherry Boyle said...

Alice, I haven't been on here for several days and was so sorry to visit tonight and read about what you've been going through! Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers for HEALING! Hope Chris feels better, too, by now.