Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hospital Admission

Experiencing my first hosp admission since Feb 2014. This time I'm a bit sicker than back then. Been having a dry cough since abt Thursday last week, after the zoo walk i felt a rattle in chest and coughed up 2 little pieces of white phlegm. On Sunday i still had an itchy feeling and tightness in lungs but no temp or anything else. On Monday I just felt really miserable at work but still no fever.

Yesterday morning my cough sounded horrific and the most disgusting green stuff started coming up in droves. Went to work and started running a fever. Felt HORRIBLE so at 10am I left work and drove to casualty. 

After about 5 hrs in casualty they managed to find a private room for me, and x-rays, bloods, mucus samples etc were taken. Temp was 39 degrees C, heartrate 130 (resting!!) and BP 155/88. O2 sats varied between 88-92%.

Haven't gotten any feedback on results, and didn't see dr again last night. Temp way better at least but lungs still feeling same. Hoping I'll get physio today to help get some of this shit out. Also on IV antibiotics and some steroids, but only 40mg thank goodness, not the 1000mg you get for acute rejection.

Anyways, will update when I have any news. Hoping breakfast will come soon.

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