Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sat Night hosp musings.... Day 12

Hosp news: Wednesday four more work colleagues came to pop in during lunchtime and spoiled me with sooooooo much of my favourite snacks. Like A LOT!!!!!

Meant so much to me 😊. They are lovely people!!! Looking forward to being back at work just to see them all again. The roses they sent me have also just grown more and more beautiful as well.

On Thursday my hubby's work Syspro also sent me a stunning bouquet.... My room looks like an amazing garden now.

Have also been doing a crap-load of colouring in...

And Thurs was my lungaversary....

I also got redripped, wasn't too bad and I'm handling it way better than I used to with old lungies. Also mastered the new CADD pump thingy that the hip CFers use these days, so CF street credibility has gone up.

Sis also came and did my nails... (Note how my fingers are barely clubbed anymore just by the way)

Lungs are feeling waaayyyyy better, have stopped sleeping on the O2. Trying to get in as much exercise as possible with squats, lunges and walking. Can't wait to be in the gym again. Also had bone density scan done, and Dr is happy with it, hips are normal and some parts of spine has Osteopenia, but apparently calcium and Vit D enough treatment for now.

This admission has also been a CF flashback of note.... I forgot how much the old lungs used to cough. Listening to 2 other CF ladies nebulize and cough and repeat has been humbling. Even though these lungs have had issues over the last almost 3 yrs, they are still fucking amazing. They don't make mucus, they respond to treatment, when you're sick and there IS mucus, it comes out and stays out. You're not DROWNING! Transplant is scary and hard (well I was lucky as hell but normally it's hard) but if it is a success it is AMAZING. Nothing compares to the shittiness of CF lungs. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. 

Hoping to be discharged on Tues..... Then my live can hopefully carry on likenormal again. 

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Sherry Boyle said...

Glad you are making such good progress, Alice, and that you have so much loving support! Praying for Tuesday discharge. :)