Saturday, December 26, 2015

2015 New Years Resolutions.... the AUDIT

Writing down a New Years resolution on this blog means you have to do your best to keep it, seeing as everyone read it! I did a post about my New Years resolutions here, they were:
  • Travel, more specifically go to California to visit Anna and Casey (depends on health, finances...) 
  • For lung function to remain stable (in 2013 it dropped 32%, in 2014 it dropped 15%, so that's a good trend I guess). Currently at 48% 
  • Enjoying time with old and new friends. We've made a few new friends in 2014 which was probably the highlight of the year. Friends cheer me up, motivate and inspire me, and I love them. 
  • I need to stay motivated for gym, even though I can't do half of what I used to, I still need to GO and stay as fit as possible. It's hard to go to gym when it's such a reminder of the crappy lung function! I feel 100% during all other daily activities but gym brings me right back down to earth and gives me pre-transplant feelings of breathlessness. 
  • Quality time with Chris and rest of family, loving that Chrislie and Pierre have been in Joburg for a year now
So here's how I did....

WE WENT TO CALIFORNIA!!!! It was undoubtedly the highlight of the year and was AMAZING. I would love to go back to the States, and since we have a 10 year visa now we HAVE to! There is a lot more in the San Fran area I would love to see and also need to see New York one day. Hopefully the Rand recovers sometime in the future :-( 

After dropping 32% in 2013 and 15% in 2014 it only dropped 5% in 2015 (was 43% last time I had it checked). Granted it dropped to 38% in May when I had a flu or something, but went back up to 46%. It also dropped to 36% in October when I had the Pseudomonas, but went back up to 44% again. So that's a good trend I guess.

The only new friend from 2014 that I kept in contact with was Elzemike (my crazy work partner in crime). She is crazy and insane and amazing. Lost touch with the people we met at the cell group we went to before it dissolved :-(

Spent some great moments with old friends too, they never fail me, as I realised especially when I spent the 2 weeks in hosp in Oct. You realise who your true friends are, and I knew who mine were before my transplant, but they were all STILL here... LOVE ALL MY FRIENDS and they keep me going

I DID go to gym, but not enough. I've just lacked motivation and time.... BUT I did do both the CF and Organ Donor Zoo Walks. We were also very active in the US, and I did a Vitality Fitness Assessment last week in order to get to Gold status again. I also played squash once.... which I never did in 2014... but I realise that ONCE is lame. All in all I wouldn't say that I'm more unfit than last year this time so I did OK I guess.

Quality time with Chris and my family.... we went away to Moonriver Bush Bungalows and to Dullstroom in Aug which was very nice. Because all of them stay in Joburg now we see them pretty often anyway, and it's always great. Esp when you're in hosp and they bring you stuff!!! Love my family.

In conclusion.... for the most part 2015 was pretty great. Had a few hiccups but I survived them so they didn't matter in the end I think. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger or so they say. Some quotes that I could relate to in 2015...

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