Thursday, December 10, 2015

Two crazy crazy weeks of insane busyness and a road trip waiting.

Definitely been burning the candle on both ends for the last 2 weeks (and even before that) as far as work and wrapping up the year in general goes. I've been working late every day for month-end and in preparation for my week off next week. Still feels like I haven't caught up after being off sick for 2 weeks, Weekends have been filled with events, xmas shopping, wedding prep, trying to fit in a gym workout or 2 (failed), just trying to manage a game of life-Tetris really.

It has also been SCORCHING hot. We have a definite drought going on and the lack of rain is causing some extreme heat. During the day I don't really feel it with the air con at work, but at night the house is sooo warm which does not make for the best sleep.. not to mention mosquito's :-( Some thunderstorms would REALLY be welcome.

Last weekend's CF walk was great though. See the new logo for the CF Trust below, and a great pic of Aviva (physio) and Dr Cathy (CF Doc), 2 amazing ladies that are so awesome.

Speaking of amazing ladies, my mom and I also went to visit my aunt Deanie, who had a bad fall in November but has recovered at record speeds and looks remarkably well. Such a formidable lady!! The epitome of getting things done and not tolerating Bullshit :-) I'll never reach her age but if I did I would want to be like her.

Also celebrated Bianca's birthday with some beer and yummy mussels. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIANCA!!!

We will be hitting the road to Cape Town for this highly anticipated wedding, in the early hours of Saturday morning. Driving straight through, eating in Bloem and Beaufort West. Looking forward to it sooooo much. It won't be a relaxing visit (except for the spa day!!!) but this is the first time that one of my BESTEST friends are getting married. Every girl wants to be the bridesmaid for her best friend. I even remember Louzanne and I playing in her mom's old wedding dress a million years ago. So this is one of those special times where I think of my donor and say THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THIS. I GET TO SEE LOUZANNE GETTING MARRIED!!!!

(side note to the single besties... you know who you are... make a plan while I'm still alive OK??? )

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