Sunday, December 20, 2015

The rest of the Cape Town trip

So once the wedding was done we had 2 days left in the Mother City. On Thursday we met up with Ditha, Andrew and Bren (Andrew and Bren are from JHB obviously but also found themselves in CT). We had brunch, followed by some wedding dress shopping for Ditha (she is getting married 21 May...... which will be our next trip to the Western Cape!). It was a success and very special to be able to be there! We then went to her flat in Stellenboch which is AMAZING and chilled for the rest of the afternoon, followed by wine and pizza pairing. I ate WAY too much that day but it was great.

On Friday we went to meet the McLaughlin twins.... Shaun also has CF and had a transplant a few years ago... they had twin girls in Oct and are currently visiting Alet's parents in Bellville. They are super super cute and tiny! Had a nice catch-up. Afterwards popped in by one of the other CF ladies waiting for lungs.... She has been waiting for a REALLY long time now so hopefully she gets lungs SOON!!!!

We went for supper with Chris' folks at a very nice burger place with a great view in Tableview that eve which was a fitting end to a great week. It wasn't a relaxing week, quite tiring actually, but was awesome. Today has been spent buying food, doing A LOT of laundry, watering plants.... on my way to gym as soon as the next load of washing is done. Then hopefully this week goes well at work and then it's CHRISTMAS!

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