Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas from a very very HOT SA!

SO Merry Christmas! Hope your day was good!! My 8th xmas with the new lungs but feeling pretty un-Christmassy, It was very low-key this year, just us and my mom and dad. I think the fact that work has been unprecedentedly crazy for me is not helping. Deadlines and year-end do not get moved just because it's Christmas :-(  So been working overtime everyday. Yesterday I "only" worked from 5:40am to 13:30, and then got to drive to 5 different shops to get the groceries done for xmas eve and looking everywhere for strawberries. Apparently the whole of JHB was eating strawberries today dammit. A recipe change was called for....

My parents ate here last night, it was very chilled. Had a braai, potato bake and salads, Chris made choc brownies for dessert. Got some AWESOME presents, really some of the best ever. Esp the Le Creuset stuff! Missed Chrislie and Pierre a lot! Used my great-grandmother Ouma Susie's crockery all the way from Jansenville in te Karoo, Very special! Afterwards I did some gardening, propagated a few succulents and we watched Lethal Weapon which is a Christmas movie according to Chris.

This morning we slept late so missed church... then went to parents' house and ate yummy gammon and chicken and salads. And of course myfavourite retro dish, a mustard ring!! . Our fridge is so full now we won't need to make food for days. The day was also quite cooler which was an added benefit.

Also... these mushroom popped up for xmas, growing at a rapid pace!!! See how much they grew in 1 DAY!!!!

Thinking of my donor fam again tonight... their 8th xmas without her :-( Sure it doesn't get easier for them:-( Hope they know how much I think of them xxxxxx

Tomorrow Im attacking the xmas sales at Sandton!!! EEEKKKKKK excited!

P.S It was also my lungaversary on the 22nd!

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Unknown said...

Was great celebrating Christmas with Chris and you!