Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Holiday Getaway

Last week on Good Friday my parents, Chrislie and Pierre and us set off to Malelane, just outside Kruger National Park. My dad booked this holiday for us all ages ago, so we've been looking forward to it for a long time. In Jan when I was so sick I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to make this trip, but luckily all worked out fine. The altitude there is REALLY low, between 200 and 300m above sea level so breathing was pretty good! This was the third "road trip" we did with the O2 concentrator, so at least she is getting around a bit.

The place we stayed at had amazing views, as it was right on the crocodile river. We saw plenty of animals from our deck, including a leopard and her cub (thanks to my dad's expert eye)! Also lots of ellies, hippo, a few crocs, and waterbuck. On 3 of the days we went into the Kruger Park. They've had bad drought but had rain recently so everything is looking really green and pretty. One of the highlights was seeing a whole bunch of rhino.... I've never seen them so close up in the wild! Also got lots of amazing elephant shots, LOVE them. So we saw four of the Big Five.... never saw a lion :-( Typical cats being assholes.

It was really really warm, we saw temperatures of 38.5 degrees C. So spent a lot of time sitting in the pool! I also took malaria pills for this trip as the area is a low risk malaria area, and I probably wouldn't go in summer. I don't know how people survive the heat in summer anyways! Glad to be back in a cooler Joburg (not so much about the high altitude, although I haven't had a problem adjusting back too much today). Also good to see my kitties again... there was the sweetest kitty at the guest house we stayed in, so at least there was some kitty-love for me to give. I'm only posting a few pics with this post, doing a separate post with some of the other good pics I got.

P.S. Drs visit last Thursday went well, weight up (hoping it's due to my workouts!), and lung function up again slightly after it was down slightly end of Feb. Pretty stable basically.

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