Wednesday, March 2, 2016


March is here!!!! Yay!!! January and February were tough months for the most part! Let's hope for a hospital-free month!!!! 

February ended pretty decently at least. Had a good weekend. On Sat I attended the first Regional Organising Committee (ROC) meeting for the National Transplant Games to be held here in Jozi in October at the University of Johannesburg. Very exciting and I think the Games are going to be AWESOME. The event will be happening from 6-8 October. Hoping it will prove to be the best Nationals YET.

Afterwards we went out for a beer/coffee with my sis and Pierre to a place in Parkhurst where I haven't been before, it was really nice and I NEED TO GO BACK for the candy floss milkshake.... saw a few people order it and it looked absolutely amazing.... I however had pecan nut pie which was also delicious. But HAVE to go back.

Dr's visit on Monday went well, still waiting to hear from gynae. Also still waiting to get my Colistin approved (the antibiotic I neb with)... they have approved the in-hosp product I used but not for chronic use yet, such a HASSLE!!! Saw the bio yesterday and had a good workout, arms soooooo stiff today so expecting it to be worse tomorrow. 

Also finished my first higher-grade colouring in pic .... it's like colour-by-numbers (you can use any colours you want though as long as they range from dark to light) of famous artworks. Really addictive!!!! Should finish another one today. This one below is "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt.

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