Friday, February 26, 2016

Rest of the week

This week felt like it went by really quickly with us only coming back on Wednesday and being away for most of it. Yesterday I had to do my first big grocery shop since being discharged. Decided to use the portable O2 as pushing around a heavy trolley and carrying heavy bags feels like "exercise" for me. So put my self consciousness in my pocket and just did it. The shopping went well, didn't get short of breath. Have to get used to people staring, felt like when I wore oxygen many years ago or when I wore the mask with newly transplanted lungs. You just learn to look past it.

I also finished my Rare Diseases colouring in picture. Hope I win :-) Picture ended up being such a mess after spilling Taziject all over it in hosp and then water on Wednesday. Tried to fix what I could.... meh.

Today I went to pharmacy and for bloods in preparation for Monday's lung check-up. Also had 6-monthly gynae check-up (Was scheduled for exactly a month ago but that obviously never happened.). Hoping all will be fine.... for a change, as the last two visits ended up in me having surgery and now there is not enough cervix left on to operate.

Feeling a lot more energetic than I did on Wednesday or even yesterday, so that's awesome... hopefully energy is returning for good. Wednesday also marked a year since my grandad passed away. We all miss him :-(

Have a good weekend!


Sherry Boyle said...

Alice, I admire you sooooo much!

Alice said...

You're making me blush Sherry!