Monday, February 8, 2016

20th Day in Hospital

Tonight will be my 20th night sleeping here. Not much to report of health-wise.... Prednisone lowered more last night to 20mg a day, yay!!!! Finishing the Augmentin antibiotics today. Breathing is as good as it's gonna get I think. Get around OK without oxygen, need to rest after stairs. PICC line still good and pray it stays that way!!!

Had some awesome visitors on Friday.... Patricia (Andrew's sister) came to teach me a new crochet stitch with some lovely red velvet cake to keep us further entertained. Louzanne was here for the day for a meeting and spent the afternoon here which was also such a treat. Andrew and Chris also joined later so had a really really great day.

Chris spoiled me with Krispy Kreme donuts over the weekend! They opened in South Africa very recently, and people have been lining up like crazy to get some. He went before 8am on Sat morning so managed to get us a box! They definitely lived up to the hype and it was FANTASTIC. Lots on insulin was required obviously.

Oh Chris also brought me Steers last week on Thursday night for supper. It was in the top 10 of most amazing meals I've ever had... had a craving and it just hit the spot. At least my appetite is not broken anymore!!!!!!! Hopefully I gain a kilo or so this week.

For the rest I've just been colouring in and started working on my blanket that I was busy with prior to being admitted. Have also been watching Breaking Bad on my laptop. And really missing my kitties. Hoping the week goes by quickly but at the same time I haven't successfully sorted out the oxygen delivery at home and the nebuliser yet, working on that. Also need to reschedule gynae visit that I missed while being in here. And ordering other chronic meds. Little admin office in my bed here.

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