Sunday, February 21, 2016

Exciting little break ahead and finally celebrating 8 years plus surviving a lung popping

First things first, I got my e-flow nebuliser!!!!! It's freaking amazing. Where was this all my life???? It takes like 3 mins to neb each of the 2 meds I need to use. It's ABSOLUTELY quiet. It can be battery operated!!!! This thing would have changed my childhood had it been invented back then!!! Yay science. Now can you grow me lungs in a lab please???

Then, last night Andrew organised a supper to celebrate me surviving the lung popping incident and to make up for the 8 year lungaversary celebrations I missed. Obviously there was a theme..... it was NERDS.... (and lungs.... duh). It was great seeing everyone again (although I pretty much saw them all in hosp and more than once because that's the type of friends they are). I was really really tired yesterday after a rather active morning and brunch with Chris and then my bio exercises at home. Was on O2 the whole afternoon. But managed to stay out till just after 22:00 which is good, and then I was KNACKERED. Also got some unexpected awesome pressies, 3 plants and a VERY higher grade colouring in book!!!! (the plants make oxygen and the colouring in book is SUPER nerdy to it worked out perfectly). P.S. note the syringes on the table!!

Was an awesome night, thank you Andrew for organising!!! On the way home I finally gave in to the O2 again because was just SOOOOOO tired and it helps a lot. This morning we relaxed, and then had lunch at my parents' house. My favourite again, Leg of Lamb! It was absolutely PERFECT, I ate soooo much (as I always do when there is yummy food around). Eating that much and tummy being that full makes breathing harder but I figure holding onto my weight is more important and the breathing gets better again after a few hrs so the lungs must just be patient... I don't have a scale at home but will be weighed next week monday, hoping to be 56kg again. (I dropped to 54kg in hosp, was 55kg when admitted but I prefer being between 55 and 60kg). Having some reserves takes off pressure when being sick.

So something exciting..... tomorrow Chris and I are off to Sun City for 2 nights. My dad bought 2 nights there at the CF Barnyard Fundraiser last year in October, but they had to be taken during the week.... so he was kind enough to give it to Chris and I! Much needed little break after the month of shit we've been through! And tomorrow is my 8 year 1 month lungaversary. So that's also kind of appropriate timing. This will be the first trip where we have to pack medical equipment for me.... big O2 concentrator, portable O2 and nebuliser. I've never been to Sun City so excited about seeing a new place and obviously the change of scenery. Makes a nice change from being in one room basically for 25 days!!!

Will be taking lots of pics, brace yourselves.


Sherry Boyle said...

Congratulations on your 8 year lungaversary!! Have a wonderful time in Sun City!
Will look forward to photos.

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