Friday, February 19, 2016

Week of being EXHAUSTED

First week at home is done. It was FANTASTIC not to be in hospital. I got a lot done at home, did a lot of laundry, looked after my plants, bought some groceries, sorted out a lot of admin with medical aid. I got a portable oxygen concentrator from Discovery on Tuesday, for which I am sooooo grateful. It's going to help soooo much, especially when I see the biokineticist as I REALLY can't do exercise without oxygen. Waiting for my nebuliser to be delivered right now. Then all that is left is to get Colistin to be paid from chronic benefits then I'm sorted. Also went to the bank to get FICA sorted for Gauteng Transplant Sports.

I've been so extremely exhausted though. No strength in muscles and when I do go out to the pharmacy or shops I feel like I need a nap afterwards. I'm sure the higher dose steroids that I'm on still (double my normal dose) is not helping and making sleeping worse too. Hopefully when I see the Dr again I can go back to normal dose of 7.5mg. Been doing the exercises that the bio gave me, so hopefully they will also help. I think today was a bit better though, without wanting to jinx it! Maybe because I slept almost 12 hours last night.

Tomorrow night Andrew is having a "I survived a lung popping" supper for me :-) I will be taking a cake and bubble wrap so we can all be a bit indulgent in our sick sense of humour and pop stuff! It will also have to make up for my lungaversary parties that I missed while in ICU! Can't wait! Have a good weekend!

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