Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weekend of Celebrations

Firstly good gynae news: cervix is BEHAVING for first time in like years (or so it feels) and pap smear was normal. Thank goodness!!!

Coloured in Van Gogh's self-portrait, it's for my sister, think it came out really nicely! LOVE this, so addictive.

Also finished a baby blanket I was busy with, and have started on another one:

Yesterday was Fawny's 3 year lungaversary. It started in the afternoon and was spent chilling by a pool and relaxing with friends. Was very nice!!! Very different to her party last year! Last year we partied the night away, this year all civilised at a pool clubhouse! It's like everyone had a baby for Christmas :-p So many kids! Suited my lung-needs perfectly and was awesome to see Shaun and Alet and their twins again.

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday, so we had lunch with them today. Soooo tired today though after all yesterday's activities, been chilling on O2 most of the afternoon, working on my next picture and watching Greys Anatomy (Not sure why I still watch this.... show has gotten quite lame, even the soundtrack has gone backwards, but it's kind of addictive and can't stop watching it after all these years. I remember the music in the first 3 seasons was so funky and alternative,, I even bought the soundtracks, and now EVERY song is a cover of some other song. Annoys me. Who killed their music budget??? Same people who killed off McDreamy?? And the rest of the cast except for Alex and Meredith?) OK Grey's vent over.

Don't have much planned for the week yet, seeing bio again on Tuesday. Body feeling so much stronger since discharge, it's a good feeling. Strong body and weak lungs feel way better than weak body and weak lungs. Hopefully I sleep well tonight and will have more energy tomorrow to do some stuff in the garden with my portable O2.  Have a good week!

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