Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Prize from Rare Diseases SA and other stuff.

I got my prize for coming 3rd in the Rare Diseases SA competition today! Cool hamper!!! Need to paint something awesome with it.... Haven't really painted much before since being an adult, but hoping to be inspired. Also finished colouring the below pic this weekend.... Raphael Sanzo's The Sistene Madonna.

Also finished another girl baby blanket...

On Friday and Sat I was extremely tired, so spent most of the time in my pajamas. The weather was all stormy and rainy which didn't help! On Sunday however it cleared, and I felt more energetic as well. We went to a picnic at Delta Park for my aunt's birthday, and got to use the picnic basket Chris's mom gave us for Christmas! Definitely planning on using it a lot more! Very nice outing with a special freshness thanks to the rain.

Today I saw the biokeneticist (ass going to be stiff tomorrow I think) and had an exciting meeting with a friend and fellow lung patient... watch this space! Tomorrow I'm going away for a night with Fawn and the oxygen machine.... a little mid-week adventure! And the coming weekend is a long-weekend, yay... and after that Easter! Lots of excitement for the rest of March.

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