Friday, May 6, 2016

4 months to go......!!!!!

If you follow my blog every now and then you will know Anna and Casey..... they are the American version of Chris and I. Anna and I must have been twins in a previous life, and we LOOK like twins in this life! CF, curly hair, same height, similar CF story, met at the WTG 2013 in Durban, Facebook friends before then, same sense of humour, it's just insane actually.

Like I said we met in Durban in 2013, then in 2014 they came back to SA and we spent some time with them in Cape Town. In 2015 we went to California and visited them. Well..... THIS YEAR THEY ARE COMING TO VISIT US!!!!!! In Joburg!!!!!!  In September!!!

We have a whole adventure planned..... 6 days in Kruger park, 4 days at Storms River Mouth, 2 days at ADDO elephant park....and the remaining time in Jozi....Literally showing them our favourite spots in the country and in the city. SOOOOOO freaking excited, this is going to be amazing!

Cannot wait for this! Going to be the highlight of my year, definitely a great motivator for keeping well!


Hermann Steyn said...

Awesome!!!!Hi Alice, are they not going to be here on 6-8 October, then she can participate in our National Games?
Hermann Steyn

Lapc Salinas said...

So happy for all of you!!!