Friday, May 20, 2016

Cape Town Trip So Far

On Monday Andrew and I drove down to Stellenbosch from Joburg in really good time! Took us about 13 hours. Felt pretty short though due to all the laughing and talking crap in between!

Coped the whole way without O2 as I was obviously sitting down the whole time. Monday and Tuesday night we slept at Ditha (who is getting married)'s flat. We spent the whole of Monday night catching up until LATE! It was amazing. On Tuesday Andrew and I had some fantastic brunch at Schoon, and afterwards helped her with some wedding prep.

Late afternoon I went for a bite to sat with an ols school friend Nadia that was brilliant. 

Yesterday morning we headed for Cape Town where Andrew had to go do some work related stuff. Went to Truth coffee shop, that has a really well-known reputation, and inspired a blog post from Andrew.

In the evening I met up with other long-time bestie Carli! Had a ball of a time and went to Beluga, another amazing restaurant. We stayed with Andrew's cousin in town...  awesome location! Right in the center of all things cool in Cape Town. Yesterday we were lazy so we just ate breakfast and lunch downstairs (there are 2 restaurants below her flat) and watched DVDs. Last night we ate Taco's at a very cool place which was also great.

I was hoping the lower altitude would make my breathing much easier which unfortunately it hasn't really. But still having fun. Today we're picking up Brendan from the airport and driving through to Porterville where the wedding will be taking place. Very excited!!!!

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