Thursday, May 12, 2016

4 sleeps to go

On Monday I will be driving down to Stellenbosch/ Cape Town/ Porterville with my good friend Andrew to our long-time friend Ditha's wedding on the 21st. Super excited about it, they're an amazing couple and I'm so happy for them. We've been friends with Ditha for about 13 years now, so it's truly going to be a reunion and celebration of love. Sooooo excited! Wouldn't miss it for anything.

Lungs have been feeling up and down, some days better than others with no real pattern or predictability. Looking forward to being at sea level next week, should be needing less O2! Sunday was Mother's Day, we had a great lunch at my sister's house with the fam.

Other than that I've been busy with Love Life; Gift Life, coloured a (modern) pic of the Mona Lisa in for my gran, Finished a blanket (the wedding gift for above mentioned wedding!), and other domestic stuff.

Sadly the CF Bella that I previously blogged about, Levern, passed away on Saturday evening... It's very sad and my heart goes out to her young daughter and family :-( RIP Levern. CF is so cruel.

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Lapc Salinas said...

Happy you get to go to the special wedding. Sad about Leverne. Praying for her family, especially her child.