Monday, May 23, 2016

The Wedding!

On Friday we picked up Brendan at the airport and headed for Porterville! It's a small town in the Western Cape, and this was my first time there. The mountains were beautiful!

The Friday evening was an informal catch-up session... great way to kick off a weekend where the guests have come from far and wide and need some time to reconnect! Saw some university friends who I haven't seen in eight years! It was really awesome.

The wedding on Sat was ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Ditha and Riaan are one of the most awesome couples I have ever met. I have known Ditha for 13 years and have never seen her this happy. The ceremony, venue, food, EVERYTHING was great.

So glad I went down for this, even though I feel like I've been hit by a bus now. Was worth it!


Lapc Salinas said...

So glad you got to go to this wonderful wedding, Alice. You are blessed with many beautiful friends who love you.

Alice said...

Thanks! I have the best friends!