Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Last day of being 31!

As the title suggests, today is my last day of being 31! I really don't mind birthdays or getting older, and not sad that I'm not in my 20's anymore either! My 30's have been pretty interesting!!!

Been sick since Friday/Saturday, NOT impressed... been working so hard to stay healthy for Anna and Casey's trip and then this happens! My head felt like it was going to explode on Sunday and yesterday! Luckily I got to see my Dr  yesterday afternoon and got some antibiotics and nasal spray for sinus infection. Slept almost 12 hours last night after two nights of sleeping less than 4 hours due to intense headache and sneezing my ass off with the oxygen blowing into my nose NOT helping the situation. So it seems like Ciprobay is working and I'm feeling human again! Just resting now until our visitors arrive! Unfortunately had to cancel ALL my birthday plans :-( But just glad to be feeling better.

Spring is also here in full force. Flowers everywhere! Unfortunately I haven't been able to smell the jasmine for the last few days (it's right under our bedroom window!) but it's looking amazing.

Last week I was lucky enough to see an old PE friend that I haven't seen in AGES! Antoinette was here for work and we managed to get together for supper. Was soooo nice, and she will be coming up for work again, so that's super cool. She once updated this blog many years ago after my transplant when I didn't have internet access yet.

Not much other news, counting the days until our epic holiday starts! Come on 7 Sept you beautiful day! Oh and below is a blanket I'm busy with for Chris (and me). He has said that he doesn't mind the pink bits :-)

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