Monday, August 22, 2016

The 22nd... my favourite day of the month

The 22nd will always be my favourite day of the month, no matter what my current health situation! It symbolizes a new start for me and always will. Next month Anna and I will be able to take a pic together again! Her lungaversary is also on the 22nd :-)

Have had a good time catching up with people over the weekend... On Sat evening Cecile and Dean stayed over at our house. Cecile used to live in Joburg but moved to Secunda after her and Dean got married last year. She is pregnant and baby Dean is due very soon!!! Next time their family will consist of 3 people! Can't wait to meet the little guy. We had brunch at a cool "french" little place that we haven't been to before. Will DEFINITELY be going again. In the afternoon we had a braai and the guys watched the rugby.Was quite bushed by the end of the day! Energy levels are far from what they used to be but as long as I get a good 9 or 10 hours of sleep in I'm fine again in no time.

My mom and sis and I also had a mini reunion with our old neighbors from PE...Their daughters are also in Joburg and their mom was here for a visit, so we got to have a very nice nostalgic catch-up and meet some new babies.

Will be seeing another long-time friend on Wednesday, Antoinette from PE will be here for work. Haven't seen her since Jan 2015! So looking forward to that as well.

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