Wednesday, August 3, 2016

#ORGust and Women's Month

August is National Organ Donation Awareness Month, as well as Women’s Month in South Africa!

LLGL has decided to share the stories of the unsung heroes of transplant – specifically, stories of the women making a real impact in organ transplantation in South Africa. These are the stories of nurses, transplant coordinators, surgeons, doctors, psychologists, specialists, physiotherapists and activists – a team of incredible women who are all working tirelessly towards making a difference in transplantation in South Africa. LLGL believes that while it is extremely important to celebrate the lives of recipients and to honour the donors and their families, too often, the healthcare professionals involved in transplant do not get recognition for the essential part that they play. No transplant patient would be here today, if it were not for the extensive team of people, so often behind the scenes, making miracles happen.

In addition to giving recognition to prominent women in the field of transplantation, LLGL has created a way for all South Africans to show their support for Organ Donation Awareness Month. Organ donation and transplantation is represented internationally with a symbolic green ribbon, and so, for the month of August, LLGL is encouraging everyone to add this ribbon to their Facebook profile image to show their support for organ donation. We are all well aware of the reach social media has and after our successful #Save7Lives campaign went viral, we are optimistic that this campaign will also have a great impact within the online community.

By showing their support with the green ribbon, people are not only creating awareness for the cause but will undoubtedly give much needed hope to the thousands of disheartened patients awaiting a life-saving transplant. TO add a green ribbon to you profile picture on Facebook ot Twitter simply follow this link

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