Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Wedding Anniversary and LESS THAN A MONTH!

Sunday was our 6th wedding anniversary. Have we already been married for six years???? Apologies for all the pics, but it was the best day of my LIFE :-)

Had a chilled day (like most of my days are). Headed to Northcliff Hill which is pretty close to us to take in the view. It was also what felt like the first nice and warm day! We also went to the nursery and picked up some compost and orchid soil, followed by us playing chess on the patio (because it was warmer outside than inside the house). It was the first time ever we've played chess against each other... was rather fun.

It's also officially LESS THAN A MONTH until Anna and Casey arrive! Sooooo damn excited. Can't wait to get away for a bit and to my favourite places. First off we will be going to Kruger National Park (all pics taken on previous occasions obviously)

Then we head down to my ULTIMATE favourite place in the world, Storms River Mouth:

After that we shoot over to Addo Elephant Park just outside PE...love the elephants there because they are so TAME compared to the Kruger and other northern elephants.

So I really need to stay healthy for this trip. Doing everything I can to stay strong so that I can enjoy it as much as possible. Eeeeekkkkk, please hurry up Sept!


Willie said...

That is a truly great trip. We are praying that your health is OK and that you will enjoy with your friends. Sterkte.

Lapc Salinas said...

Praying for you to feel well and be strong so you can enjoy A&C's visit to the max! Hope you all have another wonderful time together!

Alice said...

Thank You!

terrie milligan said...

Wow! Thank you for this. I'm just starting my journey. I've enjoyed reading your blog. It gives me hope, and joy to see you bloom.


Unknown said...

wedding anniversary wishes