Thursday, January 25, 2018

10 Years!!! (and Ballito)

On Monday it was a decade since my first transplant. What a strange feeling... I don't have the same attachment to the day that I used to, yet it's still very special. It was a big miracle moment in my life. And definitely one of the top 5 memorable days so far (and will always be... I can't see anything really taking it's place!). Lots of donor-family thoughts for both my donors happened. How do you thank someone for something like this??? On Tuesday marked 12 weeks with the new lungs!

To celebrate the sort-of lungaversary we had the family over for a braai on Sunday. On Saurday I also had the first swim with the new lungs! So many firsts happening in between remembering this week in 2008.

Tomorrow we're leaving to Ballito!!!! Yay!!!! First holiday in years! First holiday with the precious lungs! First time in Ballito! Finally getting out of JHB! Really hoping it goes well and there are no funny health niggles! Will have to have a blood test while there to check my Advagraf levels (I switched from Prograf to Advagraf yesterday due to unstable medication levels.) on Sunday. We get back on Thursday afternoon, and Friday it's a lot of Doctors and tests, but it will all be fine because I'll be relaxed and happy and breathing :-)

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Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip!!!
Sherry Boyle