Wednesday, January 17, 2018

11 Weeks and we're going on holiday soon!

Firstly, my biopsy results were NORMAL! Thank goodness. Saw Dr yesterday, lung function exactly the same as last time. Hopefully it does still go up some more. Bloods were fine except for Tacrolimus levels (Prograf meds). It's more than double what it should be, so I'm changing to Advagraf. As a result of the high Prograf levels my kidneys weren't happy at all. I feel so sorry for them! Took a picture of my pretty x-ray on my Dr;s computer screen. There was some bad reflection but it's better than the biopsy pic I took last week. Still not a great quality image.

This past weekend was just spent with family. Adriaan is SOOOO CUTE right now, he just makes you crumble inside with love. Chrislie and I went to the Botanical Gardens/Emmarentia dam with him again on Sat, and on Sunday we all ate at my parents' house.

Exciting news.... we're going to Ballito in 9 days' time!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! I haven't swam in the sea since Apr 2013! IT'S TIME!!!! And the sea is nice and warm there! We're going for 6 nights. We will be staying 15m from the beach.Counting the days!

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Anonymous said...

Praising God for normal biopsy results!! Love the pic of you and Adriaan in the park. So sweet!
Sherry Boyle