Friday, December 14, 2007

I feel a better day coming on!

Yay, the picc line insertion was so much better than expected! Even less painless than the normal drip needle (obviously the Emla patch- numbs the area- played a role!), and my doc said it went in 'beautifully'! And my favourite nurse was there!

It's still early in the day, but definitelly breathing easier already! Looking forward to my body getting a bit of a break after all the coughing and trying-to-breathe it's been through the last week. Need to pick up a kilo or so as well. Another amazing thing that happened that I'm SO thankfull for, is that on the way to the hospital my dad phoned saying that the final sputum results were back and my evil friend Pseudomonas WAS SENSITIVE TO AMIKACIN!!! Let me explain for those who don't have cf... Pseudomonas is a very 'promiscious bug' (yes, those are a doctor's exact words), that quickly becomes resistant to any antibiotics introduced. Lately the ONLY thing that my Pseudo is sensitive to (meaning the only drug that works) is Colistin, which I nebulise. However, by some kind of miracle (according to me), one of the drugs I haven't used in the past year is going to work again! Yay!!!

Furthermore my dad and sister are coming home today, they should be here by lunchtime! My dad works in johannesburg now, where I'm going to have my transplant. He's on holiday now for 3 weeks or so over Christmas. Will be great to have him around again for longer that a weekend!

Then I just want to thank everyone who has posted comments or sent me messages on Facebook or e-mail! I REALLY appreciate it! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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