Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just an update...

Yesterday was very nice, saw 4 of my very good friends during the day, which resulted in me being pretty tired last night, but feeling nice and social for a change! Two of them have gone off on holiday now, so had to squeeze them in! So glad I did!

Still feeling a lot better, it's sooo great. Able to sleep well and breathe so much easier, coughing a lot less and easier as well. I've got an appointment with my doctor today, so then i'll know how long I'll be on the IV antibiotics. Don't mind if it's quite a while! I can get used to the not-coughing and easier breathing (obviously me and my new lungs will be a match made in heaven!).

Also seeing another friend today before she flies home, and I'll spend some time with my sister as well. She's been so busy so far this holiday, haven't actually seen much of her! Speaking of holiday... i feel totally out of touch with the Christmas shopping thing. I'm not doing any Christmas shopping and haven't been to the shops in ages (been feeling too crap and shops are VERY busy, I'll do a bit of shopping after the rush), whereas normally this time of year it's always shopping and going to the beach! Obviously haven't been to the beach either, but the weather hasn't been that great anyway. Haven't really considered if I'll go to the beach with my portable oxyginator. Definitelly not in peak time!

Have to go and get dressed now, quite tricky with only one available arm! Until next time.. bye!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I read your blog of a link to a facebook group. Just thought i'd say its really interesting so keep blogging :D !!!
Clarey xx