Friday, December 28, 2007

The day after boxing day...

Ugggghhhh!!!! I'm trying to load a new photo and it keeps on turning up as a brown square?!?!? I've uploaded it 3 times now and I give up! I HATE it when computers don't work dammit!!!

Anyway... Christmas was very nice, better than I expected. Went to church in the morning with my parents and grandfather to my old church. I don't go there anymore but my parents still do. Haven't been there since Xmas 2005, except for a wedding and a funeral in between. was quite a weird experience with my disabled arm and portable O2, but I'm glad I went. After that a whole bunch of family came over. My sister, 2 cousins and I watched Red Eye on dvd, not really a christmas movie, but ok I suppose. Then came all the eating!!!! Turkey, lamb and gammon with salads. Everything served cold, with Ice cream, fruit salad and strawberry yoghurt pudding for dessert... YUM!!!! Still eating left-overs...

Yesterday and today was just spent lounging around the house, eating, building puzzle and playing cards. Not much happening... So I don't have much to write about... the weather is great, perfect summer day, and I wish I could go for a swim at the beach :-( Better luck next year!!!

10mins later... I managed to upload a different picture in the 'about me' section... it was taken on xmas day!

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