Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay!!!!!!! It's here!!!!! 2008!!!!!!!!! Apparently (and I never knew this before yesterday), and i'm not sure if it even means something, the number 8 symbolises new beginnings... Well I'm sure 2008 will hold some new beginnings for me. It better, because I'm SO frustrated. Not feeling too happy today. Spending too much time with my parents in the house and it's driving me mad. 23 year old's shouldn't be so dependant on their parents, it's NOT HEALTHY!!!! And I'm not allowed to complain because they do so much for me, but it just gets too much. especially if you have the same fights as you did 5 years ago, then you wish like hell you could just move out. BUT I'M STUCK.

Luckily my health is still ok. Stupid picc (ok he's not really stupid, I'm just tired of him. He's been great actually, behaving himself nicely) coming out tomorrow!!!! Then I'm taking the car and getting out of the house!!! Really missed driving. Hopefully the mucusfreeness will last for a while..
I went to a cocktail party last night at a friends house, which was really nice, but i wish I could enjoy it more! I wished I could drink more, have more fun, also jump in the pool, move around more without getting out of breath, and also stay the night! But nevertheless, it was beter than being at home! Can't wait so see what I'll be doing next year!!!! 2009 here I come!!!
My biggest wish for 2008 is obviously new lungs, followed by LOVE!! Having had 2 short flings (which lasted only 25 days and 6 weeks) and a 9 month one I'd rather not go into, I feel that the perfect way to celebrate my new lungs will be to find love...mmm... that would be great yes...
Apart from that, I have no new years resolutions, except obviously STAYING ALIVE!! So I wish you all a Happy 2008!!!! May God bless you!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy new year!
I hope your picc comes out ok tommrow and you enjoy your drive, it wil be nice for you to have a nice drive and clear your head, and you hopefully won't feel so frustrated.
Just imagine how wonderful it will be when you get your new lungs, and how much more you will be able to do, heres hoping 2008 is DEFINATELY a year of new beginings for you :)

Take care