Monday, January 7, 2008

Just another manic monday!

Or not! Seems like everyone is back at work today! Good luck to all my friends starting their first real job!!! I had a productive morning, had physio, went to the bank to do some long-procrastinated stuff, so that's a relief. Then my sister and I went out for lunch. I had a delicious smoked salmon croissant! Now I'm feeling quite stuffed!!

A close friend of mine is in hospital, she had an emergency operation and it looks as if though she might need another operation. So for once I'm not the sickest one! Quiet a weird feeling going to the hospital just to visit her. So nice not being the patient and not getting all the attention. I can get used to it! Just being part of the outside public... Although my portable O2 might've caused some stares..

This morning I didn't wear my O2 to the Bank or lunch, and thus REALLY felt like I could get lost in the crowd! It was a nice break, not having to feel a bit self-concious. I'm meeting an old friend for coffee this afternoon (I know.. all these people from my past keep popping up!), and I'm not going to wear my O2 again. I feel pretty much the same when sitting down, I just get breathless when walking and try to limit my movements. So sitting in the coffee shop with close parking should be a breeze. I don't like wearing O2 in front of friends that I haven't seen in a long time. To them it seems like I went from being 100% healthy to SICK in no time. I used to hide any signs of CF as far as possible, and if something seemed too much for me I just didn't do it. Now I'm wearing O2 and I can see them thinking 'O my word she's going to die!'. It's just tiring to say the least. At least the transplant thing is positive in that aspect as well. It allows them to think 'O my word she MAY die'! Just that bit of hope makes them act more human! I downplay the risks and inflate the success rate and everybody's happy! No more akwardness...

Have to go downstairs now, she's picking me up.. Will update on how it went. And I'm missing my dad! He's gone back to Joburg :-(

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