Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New beginings

Hi! I am Chrislie, Alice's younger sister. For the time being I will be updating Alice's blog.

Everything is going really well so far. Last when I spoke to my mom (20 minutes ago), they were still waiting. Alice is doing great, very calm but also very excited! The operation was suppose to start at 15h30 sa time, but they are running a bit late. The doctors are still not 100% sure that the donor's lungs are good enough, but it's very unlikely that it won't be fine. They are running late because the donor's heart first have to go for a heart transplant.

That's all I know at this stage. I will update as soon as I have news.Thank you so much for your prayers! To God belongs all the praise and glory and honour forever and ever! His timing is perfect!


Anonymous said...

ali, i know you'll be reading all these messages once you're up and running (and i mean this literally), and that we always spoke about how strange it will be when you do ... so just wanted to tell you that at 16h17 today (the day you got your transplant) there's been over a 1000 hits on your site!! the whole world is praying for you! and the medical team and your family! stay strong!

Carol said...

praying on tbe Outer Banks of North Carolina....God is great...he answers prayer...Gwnyth Rose is an answer to Nate & Trisha's prayer...we have added you to our prayer list

mary said...

Hi There,

I'm one of Alice's computer friends. Congratulations, to Alice on receiving her new lungs. Wonderful news!:o) My prayers and thoughts are with Alice and family.

Prayers, Love, and ((((Hugs)))),:0)
Mary Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Found your post through Nate's. Praying for wonderful news from Missouri, United States.