Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm free!!!!!

My pic line is out! And I feel great! And I'm going SHOPPING today! This is as good as it gets!

The pic line came out yesterday evening at 6:30. Was a bit painful, but worth it! It was so funny, when the nurse was busy waxing my arm (ie ripping off bandages), she asked the stupid question 'does it hurt?'... I obviously said 'Yes!', and so she laughed and said 'You should never get a tattoo'...The reason why this is so funny is because I do in fact have a tattoo! And it was honestly a more bearable pain than having your hair slowly pulled out of your arm! My dad and I just kept quiet and smiled... My arm muscles are a bit stiff still and my arm is 'dumb'! It's so weird, it feels like someone else's arm or a fake limb that I'm trying to manouvre! Had 2 of my best friends over afterwards last night to watch a movie on tv and play cards... I lost :-(

Feeling good, which is why I'm going shopping this morning! And all the post xmas sales are on! Yay!!!! Haven't been shopping in AGES!!!! And have a lot of xmas money that all the grandparents gave me! The only scary part will be taking my portable O2 with... I've never shopped with it before. I used to just do the getting-blue-in-the-face thing. But this should work better! I'll do a update later today to let you know how it all went (and what I bought!)

I also want to thank those of you who add comments! I LOVE getting them! It's so nice to know that someone is actually reading this! Untill later...


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Glad the picc is out! Im having my long line out tommrow fingers crossed, so i can have my arm back after 3weeks. Its such a good feeling when they come out, becuse you know you have a break for a while!!

Hope the shopping was good and you got some good bargins, shopping is definately good therapy!!

Hope it went ok shoping with the o2 on, its better to wear it out than let it stop you having fun!

Glad you enjoy the comments :D


'D' said...


I'm a Fellow CFer in Eastern Canada...I only had one of those pic lines in and for 8 weeks for sinus infection...cleared out my lungs as well, I flushed it and did everything at home, had it taped and anchored to my arm...but it was good to get it out!!!!!

Best Wishes Alice!!