Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just an update

I again spoke to Alice last night! I'm sure that once she has internet access again, and is able to update her blog she'll have tons of stories to tell!

We spoke mainly about the operation and how scared she was - but, seriously, who wouldn't have been??

She is also managing without O2 for longer periods of time, which is great news - I can't wait for the day when she doesn't rely on O2 all the time. As friends we always use to joke that we need to 'plug her in' (referring to her portable O2) whenever she came to visit ... and, when she would laugh, the machine would start to beep like crazy (probably thinking something is wrong) because she wasn't inhaling from her nose - we use to tell her that the one of fundementals of living is breathing, and she shouldn't confuse her machine (and I think, deep down, scare us)! We had some wonderfull times, and I'm sure there'll be many more to come in the future, albeit without her O2 machine :)!

This morning she is in a lot of pain, but as she said, when somebody 'ripped' open your chest, who wouldn't be in a ton of pain? Please pray that the pain subsides and that she can manage.

Also, a message from her mom (which I forgot to post earlier) - although the thought is appreciated, please do NOT send flowers or sweets to Alice. She may not have flowers and she is diabetic (CF related diabetes) - just a card at this stage will be great!

I also posted some photo's of Alice ...
The one of Alice and her sister, Chrislie on New Years Eve this year - Alice is on portable O2 and she still has her PICC line for the IV antibiotics.
The other one was taken last year in October, at my birthday party - we've been friends since primary school ... from left to right it's Louzanne (now living in Cape Town), Alice, and me.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that she is doing so well, she is still in my prayers along with the donor family.
-Bobbi, U.S.

MilePost13 said...

So glad that she continues to do well! I'll be praying that God will take away her pain very soon!

Jane-Jane said...

still praying in sc!

as for the pain...I know when I am having multiple health issues, I tend to not be able to feel all of them at the same time. But as one issue is dealt with, the next one presents it's self. So I (in my uneducated thinking) think that your incision pain is good, cause one pain has been dealt with, so this is the next layer in the "onion" of healing!
I will be praying for your pain to be removed, and SOON!

Court said...

Glad to hear how well Alice is doing and that she's in her own regular room. Praying right now for the pain to go away and for complete and quick healing!

Courtney (Texas, USA)

aubrycan said...

Ok, so no flowers, but if one wanted to send a card, where would one send it to??? Hopsital name? :-)

Alice, you are amazing girl! Glad to hear you are doing good.....