Friday, January 11, 2008

Freaky Friday indeed

Today didn't turn out as I hoped. Firstly I didn't sleep much last night. I'm currently awaiting some big news (which I will write about at a later stage), so lay awake wondering, thinking, playing around with all sorts of 'what-if' scenario's in my head. So I was tired the whole day. Secondly, the mucus has begun it's journey back into my lungs.. So I coughed a bit this morning. But by the time I went to physio there was not much left, so it couldn't have been too much. Nevertheless, I will just have to put in an effort to keep any infections at bay. Not that I'm not doing my best already.. Thirdly I had some kind of sinus headache, which didn't mix well with the hot weather.

I took a nap which helped with the headache and tiredness, but I didn't get round to visiting my friend. Watching tv with my mom right now... waiting for a BBC documentary, The truth about food. Looks interesting. Then last nebuliser and SLEEP!! Hopefully tomorrow is better! And thank goodness this week's finally over, it felt so long!!! Now if only all this waiting could come to an end.. that would make me very happy ;-)

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