Friday, January 25, 2008

The News @ 2

During my mom's morning visit to Alice, the doctor told her that Alice is doing good and there is not any problems that I know of. Alice again tried to tell my mom something, but couldn't. Then my mom gave her a pen and paper and she tried to write something, but she is too confused. She is also still quite restless. Later on this afternoon, my mom will try the writing-thing again. My mom told her that I miss her and asked if she understood. Alice nodded her head, so at least she understands her.

I think I'll be flying up to Johannesburg on Monday afternoon. Can't wait! I probably won't be allowed to see Alice, but it would be nice to be there and spend the day with my mom while my dad is at work.
One of our cats, Emma, turned 9 years old today! Emma was Alice's cat originally, but later on I adopted her because no one in our house likes Emma. I must admit she can be a pain most of the time (she is VERY demanding), but she has her nice moments.

Thank you so much for all the support and messages!


mom2izzyandallen said...

We are still praying for your sister and follow your updates closely! thanks for taking the time to let us know what is happening! I'm glad you will get to spend some time with your mom; waiting is hard, especially when you are doing it alone!

The Dodges (in snowy Michigan)

TruePraise said...

praying that Alices confusion will subside and that she will not fight the vent...Also, that she will be able to comunicate with your mom soon....

Bree said...

Way to go Alice! I'm so glad your awake. I hope and pray you get off the vent soon so that you're free to talk and get those lungs working on your own!

You're still in my prayers!