Sunday, January 27, 2008

Great news on this beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon

My mom just phoned me, Alice is doing very good!
Her fever and her white blood count is down. The doctor is very pleased with her condition, but Alice is struggling to stay awake. My parents sat at her side the whole morning and tried to keep her awake by speaking to her. She understood them and also wrote on a paper that she wants her oxygen (she doesn't need it). The ventilator is set at low level of usage and the doctor what to take it off but Alice has to be completely awake.
Alice is really doing good. She waved at my parents and showed a thumbs-up when they asked her how she is doing.
Thank you so much for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Great! That sound much more than the Alice we all know! I'm sure thing will keep going better.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! We have been praying & will continue to pray for Alice.

Anonymous said...

My son, diagnosed with cf when he was 19 mos old, received a double-lung transplant seven years ago at age 30. The first four weeks were really tough - lots of drainage, etc - but he soon gained his weight back, is in great shape - etc - married and happy! Hang in there!

Sylvie said...

Not so sunny here, but the Alps are covered with sown and it is beautiful!
We rejoice with you as we hear of good news from Alice!
She is in our prayers...
God bless all your family today!

Jane-Jane said...

praising God for His healing hand on Alice's body!
I will continue to pray in SC, USA

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear good news. I am still praying for Alice. Thank you for the update. God bless you all.
-Bobbi, U.S.

Anonymous said...

Thats so fantastic, im really pleased to hear Alice is doing better :D
Keep up the good work Alice.
Thanks for taking the time to update us all.

xx Clarey

Anonymous said...

Praise God. Sounds like our prayers are working wonders.

Continuing to pray from North Carolina

Anonymous said...

God is so faithful! Praise be to Him. I pray Alice continues to do well!
Shawna in Oklahoma USA

Cindy said...

Offering up prayers in Ohio, USA for a miraculous recovery!