Monday, January 21, 2008

Bad news (for me)!!! :-(

The woman waiting for transplant whose place I would've taken at the hospital in Florida (she said that she would be coming home at the end of Feb if she didn't get lungs) GOT HER TRANSPLANT!!!! Which is awesome for her and her family!!!! But not so awesome for me!!! It means I can't go... not untill 2009 anyway...

But I'm sure they'll be able to refer me to another hospital or something. I mean that can't be my only option. Will keep you posted. I want a tx THIS year! But what I do know is that when one door closes another opens. Now I'm waiting for that door!


Anonymous said...

My prayers is met jou Alice!! Jou blogsite is baie inspiring! Respect.


Katelyn said...

You have such a positive attitude - I will be praying for you and for that to happen THIS year!

Dancing65Roses said...

Hey! I found your blog in a facebook group (CF rocks my socks I think...)
I think it's interesting to read about someone with CF in South Africa... how does your health care system work?

Anyways, I enjoy your blog and will link it to mine, if that's okay with you.
<3 Carla
P.S. My mom's name is Alice :-)

Alice said...

Carla... Our public healthcare doesn't really work.. you need to take out medical aid for good treatment. Will appreciate it if you link your blog with mine!

bridgebabe47 said...

Dear Alice, I have a son Richard that was at NMMU and he told me about you. I have you in my thoughts and prayers. May your operation goes well and may you have a speedy and successful recovery.

Love and Huggz
Hilary Baak