Saturday, January 5, 2008

Short post

Just a short post...

The visit yesterday afternoon was VERY nice! Was so good to see my teacher again after 5 years! The 3 of us chatted the whole afternoon, had so much to catch up on! We probably could've kept going for longer if I didn't have to go home because my mom, dad, sister and I had a reservation at a restaurant. Like I predicted, she was very emotional and all teary eyed when she saw my O2! Serves her right for all those times she made me cry in my lessons! :-)

The dinner yesterday evening was also great. The restaurant is called Old Austria, and is really smart, with someone playing piano and great food. I decided to have a started instead of dessert (and I figured it's healthier!), and had a Salami salad, followed by fillet steak. It was to die for! And after listening to the piano the whole evening, and spending the afternoon with my piano teacher, I'm inspired to do some playing again. I'm usually too lazy, but screw that, I should play a bit! I've got the time!

I had coffee with another friend this morning. It's so good to drive again! My arm still hurts a bit when I have to change gears because the muscles are weak and stiff! I'm just trying to get out as much as possible, because my good health is not going to last, and friends are starting work soon and going overseas etc, so I won't be seeing too much of them! Haven't felt this good in months. Actually I can't even remember when last I had this little mucus, probably a year ago, also after IV's.

Ok so maybe this isn't a short update.. I read a 'letter' that one of my 'cyberfriends' who had her 1 year transplant anniversary yesterday wrote on her blog to her old lungs. She was thanking them for having been there for her for 22 years and that even though they were naughty, they did their best. It's so true, and I've often thought about it... I've also got a love-hate relationship with mine. I hate it when they don't do what I want them to, but at the same time they fight so hard for me... I would be weird, but wonderful, to be rid of them. They won't be missed. But I will have appreciation for the fact that I owe them my life.

I'm going to end my 'short' post with a photo of my cat. I just took it, because she looks so cute right now. 'Look' being the operative word! She can be a real bitch!

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It's Her said...

Found your blog from another link thing...Just wanted to say good luck, I hope that 2008 is YOUR year and you get your call as well as everything you hope for :D

I had a double lung tx 18months ago as I have CF too. Best of luck :) Rosie xxx